BlackBerry Owned AtHoc Scores a Win With The TSA

image courtesy AtHoc

Recently acquired by BlackBerry, AtHoc has been chosen to be utilized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at more than 200 major airports across the nation.

The TSA has been employing AtHoc since 2011 at more than 100 TSA coordination centers, now the program is being expanded across 200 airports, for use between multiple Department of Homeland Security Agencies.

From the press release:

The AtHoc deployment will support two primary use cases. First, the ability to alert airport stationed personnel in times of crisis, such as weather related closures, active shooter, terrorist activity, as well as procedural changes and similar applications with instantaneous confirmation of alert receipt. Second, post-alert, full and immediate accountability of affected TSA staff to include status, location, and geographic representation by organizational level and function. These use cases enable TSA leadership to take decisive action and subsequent steps to affected locations; implement crisis response procedures, initiate staff recalls, determine ready to work status, and identify those in need of assistance.

TSA has now enabled similar practices also achieved by two other DHS agencies – Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) – within their AtHoc based systems to effectively communicate with airport staff in times of crisis. With these three Homeland Security agencies now deployed to airports, interoperability among the agencies as well as with external stakeholders may be achieved via AtHoc Connect. This latest AtHoc innovation, available to all AtHoc customers, interconnects agencies and enables secure information sharing across disparate organizations. AtHoc Connect also includes the ability to create invitations for non-AtHoc users to participate on demand, thereby reaching external supporting organizations with crisis information exchange.

And our world just got a little safer, thanks to BlackBerry.


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  • BB Racer !!

    Not even sure blip from the media, they spend hours on Snapchat…yada yada……Confide app etc….e

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    The media is too busy waiting for the next best thing to hit planet Earth that is the iPhone (crapPhone) so they don’t have time for this type of news!

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    I wonder what the dollar value is. Either way it’s good news

  • Good news indeed. Let’s hope it shows on next ER!

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    This is very big and important news but yes, the media has seemed to ignore it for the most part