BlackBerry and Optiemus: What does it mean for Indian market?



BlackBerry has been on a roll!

Apart from announcing a couple of wins for several geographies with TCL (the new upcoming Mercury), BlackBerry has been focussed on getting their iconic devices in India under the new “Made-in-India” program. This will allow them to outsource manufacturing to a local partner (here it’s Optiemus Infracom) and provide the software updates separately (of which BlackBerry has a stellar record). This falls exactly in line with their professed motive- to be the “smart” in the “smartphone”. Absolutely. The details haven’t been announced as yet (about the specifications), but it has been rumoured that it might be a “mid-range” device (which definitely falls in the affordable category for a vast majority).

So why then the Indian market?

Apart from the sheer size, currently, it has been overrun by Chinese manufacturers. Once their devices are sold, the updates are almost never released. This causes severe fragmentation of the ecosystem as well as exposing users to several risks of malware. Herein, this is a winning combination of local manufacture, bringing down the costs as well as regular updates to users. BlackBerry will ensure that it will not compromise on quality when it comes to choosing the components (amply clear when the DTEK50 and 60 debuted) (with absolutely stellar hardware for the price points it offered).

Of course, you can now choose the Hub and BlackBerry Services on other devices as well. Why choose BlackBerry then?

It’s for two things: 1) Software updates. 2) The absolute delight that BlackBerry keyboard is.

There has been no confirmation of physical keyboard as of now but I am sure there exists a huge market for that in India.

As Nokia comes roaring back (which got a huge deal of interest going in for it), BlackBerry has it’s loyalists rooting for it.




BlackBerry Forever!

  • anthogag

    Reliable software updates is big deal.