BlackBerry Opens New European HQ

BlackBerry has opened a new headquarters in the UK.

BlackBerry has opened a new European headquarters in the town of Maidenhead located in the UK. BlackBerry now occupies three floors of the Pearce Building.

Florian Bienvenu, senior vice president, enterprise sales EMEA at BlackBerry, said “We are excited about the move and delighted that we will have our European operations in Maidenhead. Over the years BlackBerry has remained committed to the UK, not just as a key market globally but also as our gateway to Europe, and Maidenhead is offering us an excellent business environment.”

Cllr Jack Rankin, cabinet member for economic development and property, said “BlackBerry is the latest ‘big name’ to come to town, joining Maersk, Adobe 3, T eesla and Alnylam.”

It wasn’t too long ago that we were speaking of the cost cutting measures which were taking place during the early days of the BlackBerry turnaround. Now, we see BlackBerry opening a new European headquarters hot on the heals of the release of new devices and the BB10.3 update. For those BlackBerry fans that have been waiting to see the good news rolling in, that time is now.

European HQ



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