BlackBerry Offers Complete Security Portfolio Apple Offers Almost Nothing

BlackBerry Offers Complete Security Portfolio Apple Offers Almost Nothing

While BlackBerry Offers Complete Security Portfolio Apple Offers Almost Nothing, Apple’s offerings pale in comparison, leaving many to question the extent of their commitment to safeguarding sensitive information. This article delves into the stark contrast between BlackBerry’s comprehensive security suite and Apple’s comparatively sparse security measures. By examining the breadth and depth of BlackBerry’s security portfolio and contrasting it with Apple’s minimalistic approach, the disparity becomes clear, reinforcing the notion that BlackBerry offers a comprehensive security solution while Apple’s offerings fall short.

BlackBerry Offers Complete Security Portfolio Apple Offers Almost Nothing

On the eve of BlackBerry’s Q3 fiscal results I’m reading the usual bears posting thinly veiled or blatantly negative articles on the company. One can only surmise that these attack pieces are meant to either bolster their position in stocks like AAPL, or to attempt to force a dip in BBRY. We shall see what happens to those shorts tomorrow, Tuesday Dec 20th 2016.

What caught my eye was the amazing amount of people, mostly day traders and investors that are completely and utterly ignorant. Not only are they ignorant about what BlackBerry does, but they are ignorant about BlackBerry’s focus and direction.

Statement after statement is about how Apple’s iOS is the most secure mobile OS available, which I find to be frustratingly hilarious. When it is pointed out that iOS gets jailbroken within days of a new version coming out, what you get back is “iOS gets hacked because it’s popular”. Or how about “Security through obscurity is not security”. Even though nobody has ever rooted a BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry Android device somehow it magically doesn’t matter. Absolutely amazingly myopic logic (or lack thereof).

So I thought to myself  “What is the difference between these two companies?” I mean, why do Apple boosters actually think that what Apple offers is better/more secure than what BlackBerry offers? I decided to write it down.

Let the games begin!

Let’s start with what BlackBerry offers shall we?

  • BlackBerry root of trust. As stated, hardware and software are signed so that no other OS can be loaded and the device cannot be rooted
  • Dtek. This application gives you insight into all of the apps on your phone and allows the user to control what those apps are able to have access to, quickly and easily
  • BlackBerry UEM. Unified Endpoint Management is what business and government use to fully secure any and all devices. This while keeping productivity and personal privacy front of mind. Almost any device you an think of is secured including BB10, Blackdroid, iOS, Android, Samsung Knox, Windows, and even Mac OS
  • BlackBerry Workspaces. This creates safe document syncing, sharing, and tracking of said documents by injecting DRM (digital rights management) into each and every file, keeping your docs secure even outside your organization
  • BlackBerry At Hoc. AtHoc is committed to the mission of empowering organizations to protect their people and the communities they care about, and ultimately making the world safer.
  • Cyber Security Services. This consulting service will help customers to identify threats and develop mitigation policies
  • Secure messaging. This includes fully encrypted BBM messaging and voice, but also expands to include Lync, Jabber, and Sametime.
  • Telecom Expense Management. Coming soon will be an application that will allow organizations to split billing for personal and business usage in a BYOD (bring your own device) environment

OK… Now it’s Apple’s turn!

I could go on, and you can read so much more here, but in order to drill home my point, let’s take a look at what security systems and applications Apple has to offer business, industry, and government shall we? Ready? Here we go…

  • iPhones and iPads. These devices are shipped with a supposed root of trust just like BlackBerry devices

That’s it you ask? Yup, and I can’t help but mention that every version of iOS has been rooted within hours or days. Apple’s root of trust just doesn’t work. As you can see, Apple has nothing to offer business and government other than rootable devices. In order to have a hope of being secure Apple must rely on the likes of BlackBerry to do all of the considerably heavy lifting.

BlackBerry on the other hand has everything a corporation or government could ever need to stay as safe and secure as possible. And that includes non-rootable handsets, thank you very much.

The Final Words

When it comes to robust security solutions, BlackBerry proves to be the frontrunner, leaving Apple with little to offer in comparison. The BlackBerry portfolio encompasses a wide array of security measures, including their renowned root of trust, Dtek application, Unified Endpoint Management, document protection through BlackBerry Workspaces, secure messaging platforms, and cybersecurity consulting services. On the other hand, Apple’s security offerings seem relatively lackluster, relying primarily on the root of the trust concept that has consistently been compromised.

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