BlackBerry News Conference DTEK50 “The World’s Most Secure Android Smartphone”



Today Alex Thurber, Senior Vice President, Global Device Sales & Dave Kleidermacher Chief Security Officer were interviewed about BlackBerry and the future of the handset business. All the rumors about BB abandoning BB10 and the handset business were finally allayed. Not only did they state BlackBerry has a commitment to BB10 and the apps, they also clearly confirmed their commitment to the handsets. There were also comments about changing the ways phones will be sold through non-traditional outlets. BB10 will continue to be supported via OS updates such as 10.3.3 coming out in a few weeks and a follow-on update coming later this year. In addition they stressed the importance of security and privacy. Verizon’s report on data breaches revealed that phones are the new target as opposed to systems. Regarding security patches BlackBerry has adopted a Zero-day patching model. Each month Google releases a list of vulnerabilities. Before they go public BlackBerry addresses them thereby taking the opportunity away from hackers. As an example, in 2015 iOS has 3x the vulnerabilities than android and typically took 3 months to patch.


DTEK50 pre-orders are available today for $299 via shop bb and will include a $60 battery pack!


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