BlackBerry Motion vs BlackBerry KEYone: User Experience

What does this physical keyboard fanatic think of the new all touch BlackBerry Motion?

The last time I made a BlackBerry video it was the unboxing of my new beauty, the BlackBerry Motion. I was immediately in love with the look and feel of the device, but how would it compare with my beloved BlackBerry KEYone? How would my primary concern, the user experience, differ between the devices?

I promised at that point that I would give the Motion a fair review period. I would set aside my BlackBerry KEYone and use the motion exclusively. I knew that this would not be an easy task, simply because of how attached I had become to the KEYone, and my long term love for the BlackBerry physical keyboard. While the BlackBerry virtual keyboard, is the stuff of legend, it’s never really compared to the physical keyboard, at least in my opinion.

The very aspect that differentiates these two devices is an aspect which I already have a healthy bias about. I knew that this wouldn’t be a fair comparison. But I wasn’t about pass up the opportunity to use BlackBerry Mobile’s latest offering.

Let’s just say that during my time using the Motion, I found myself surprised. Would this phone be the one that changed my mind about virtual keyboards? Or would other aspects of the phone have enough weight to make me sacrifice my attachment?

I planned on making a short video about my thoughts and feelings about moving between the two phones. But once I start talking about BlackBerry, it’s hard to stop. In the following video I discuss what I like most in the two phones, strictly from a design and user experience point of view. And now that I am allowing myself to go back to using whichever device I prefer, which one did I choose? Watch the video below for those answers. Then let us know in comments, which device would you choose to be your daily driver?




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