A BlackBerry Motion Teardown Hits YouTube

YouTube channel JerryRigEverything tears down a BlackBerry Motion

Well, we already saw the results of the durability test performed by YouTube Channel JerryRigEverything on the BlackBerry Motion. The results were good. Very good. Now, he returns with a teardown on the device.

With every one of these videos, there’s good and bad. The bad? Well, they’re not very trusting of the waterproofing. The adhesive used seems to be used much more sparingly than other IP67 rated phones. With adhesive, or lack thereof, being problematic of the first generation BlackBerry KEYone’s, I’d certainly hope that sufficient testing was done with the Motion to ensure that sufficient adhesive was used to ensure the waterproofing.

As for myself, I will admit to sticking my beloved BlackBerry Motion under a faucet to clean it off. Just because I could. I’ll also admit to taking the phone into the shower with me on occasion so that I could control my music. Just because I could. I’ve yet to have any sort of water issues. Will I take it swimming? Of course not. It’s still cold. But I’ve yet to hear any users have water damage, however now I’ll be looking for just that.

I’m always interested in seeing the inside of a phone, and for those of us that aren’t brave enough to tear down our own phones, or don’t trust our abilities enough to believe that we could put them back together, JerryRigEverything is a great channel to satiate that curiosity.

And if BlackBerry Mobile would like to send us a BlackBerry Motion for a water test, I certainly wouldn’t say no.


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