BlackBerry Model Numbers Demystified

BlackBerry Model Number

Have you ever noticed that each BlackBerry 10 device has its own unique model number? These strings of letters and numbers are not as arbitrary or as random as they may appear – in fact, they follow a set pattern that makes perfect sense.

Intrigued? Read on, and all will be explained!

The model numbers on BlackBerry 10 devices comprise a string of three letters followed by three numbers, a hyphen and a final number, for example:

STL100-1 (Z10 3G version)

The string of letters stands represents the device’s form factor and model, the three numbers are the version number of the device and finally, the last number is the device variant.

So how does the string of letters represent the form factor and model? The first letter (which is “S” on every BlackBerry 10 device) may stand for “Smartphone” and the second letter is “Q” for QWERTY models or “T” for Full-touch models. The final letter is the initial of that device’s production codename, as shown in this list:

Q5 – Codename: Rainier – Model: SQR
Q10 – Codename: New York – Model: SQN
Passport – Codename: Windermere – Model: SQW
Classic – Codename: Classic – Model: SQC

Z3 – Codename: Jakarta – Model: STJ
Z10 – Codename: London – Model: STL.
Z30 – Codename: Aristo – Model: STA

The first three numbers refer, we assume, to that device’s ability to run BlackBerry 10 (10.0).
The final number (1-4 in most cases; 1-3 on the Passport; 1-5 on the Classic) is the model variant – this refers to varying internal differences, such as a different processor in the Z10 STL100-1 compared to the other 4 models, or Wireless charging capability and/or different radio frequencies (as in the case of the Passport SQW100-3 compared to the other two model variants.

It’s a fairly safe bet that BlackBerry will stick to this naming convention in the future, so it should be possible to work out model numbers for future Touchscreen (ST-) and QWERTY (SQ-) BB10 handsets, as we learn the codename for each device.

One interesting development is the rumoured forthcoming Visa and Victoria models, which apparently use a slide-out keyboard in combination with a large touchscreen. It will be interesting to see how BlackBerry categorise these new devices – perhaps Sliders (Model number SSV-) or Hybrids (Model number SHV-)?

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