BlackBerry Mobile Will Launch KEYone In India!

We all know that BlackBerry signed deals with Optiemus for making BlackBerry devices for the Indian market. a local site in India published on their website that they will offer the BlackBerry KEYone in April. The price will be 39,999 R, that works out to be around $600 US.

The BlackBerry KEYone is coming with Android 7.1  right out of the box.

It’s good to see the new BlackBerry coming to India with BlackBerry Mobile behind it. It might be interesting to see two BlackBerry manufacturers selling BB devices in the same country. It can push BlackBerry visibility and adoption in India, but it might also be confusing if both companies act differently in marketing and customer service support. Here’s hoping it runs smoothly!

I guess we will see more markets and carriers around the globe offering the new BlackBerry. In Canada after Telus, one more carrier will roll out the KEYone, and they are Bell.

The support from Carriers and mobile retailers is a very positive message for BlackBerry Mobile and BlackBerry.



Roy Shpitalnik

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