BlackBerry Mobile Shows off Black Edition KEYone with Android Auto

BlackBerry Mobile shared a double duty new video on their YouTube page sharing the new Black Edition KEYone and teasing Android Auto.

BlackBerry Mobile has added a new 40 second spot to their YouTube Channel showing off the amazing looking Black Edition BlackBerry KEYone and teased that it works with Android Auto.

Personally, I’m excited to see the quick video doing double duty. Of course they want to show off the device, but sadly, there are still people out there that think BlackBerry has no apps. That of course is not true. Since BlackBerry chose to bring their know-how to the Android ecosystem, any BlackBerry user utilizing any of the Android powered devices has access to apps. All of the apps.

The above video shows the KEYone working with the in dash setup of Android Auto. But it’s important to note that if you are using the original silver BlackBerry KEYone, the BlackBerry Priv, or either of the DTEK’s, you’ll also be able to enjoy the same driving experience. Furthermore, you do not even need the in dash setup to enjoy it. Some time ago, Google made the Android Auto application work directly on your phone. While having it in dash is definitely nice, it’s not necessary to utilize your BlackBerry as your GPS and entertainment system while still maintaining communications in a car safe, hands free manner.

I made a video a short time back showing off my own original KEYone utilizing Android Auto on the phone, which is included below.

I like the direction BlackBerry Mobile is taking with these videos, and hope to see more of them.


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