BlackBerry Mobile Hits it Out of the Park With Official Cases

BlackBerry Mobile has featured two official cases on it’s website.

Who goes out without a case? While many do, a case is always a good idea to protect your investment, and people’s choice in case, is just as personal as their choice in device. BlackBerry Mobile has two official cases for the upcoming KEY2 featured on their website. While, they’re not available for order yet, and while we don’t know the prices, we get a good view of them.

Soft Shell

  • Fashioned from soft-touch, non-slip silicone that feels great in the hand
  • Securely fits your phone without added bulkiness
  • Reliable corner and back protection for your device
  • NFC-friendly

This would be my choice in case. I prefer the minimal feel. This case looks very much like the official soft shell case for the KEYone, and I believe that was probably one of my favorite phone cases. The silicone used by BlackBerry Mobile in the KEYone case has a tough feel, not like the jelly cases of yesteryear, and really does little to detract from the feel of your device.

If you’re a proud BlackBerry user like me, you’ll always choose the case that displays the BlackBerry logo as this official case does.

Flip Case

  • Crafted from genuine textured leather
  • Full-coverage design and a superior microfiber lining securely protects your phone in style
  • A double card holder keeps your items accessible and safe
  • NFC-friendly

I tried my first flip case on the BlackBerry KEYone. It was the official case from BlackBerry Mobile, and it felt nice! It was something to use in public, and this new model just nails it. The same BlackBerry logo is embossed on back, but now, on the front, is that Classic BlackBerry button logo. This is one classy case!

Will you be using a case on your new BlackBerry KEY2? Will it be one of these?


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