BlackBerry Messenger: The king of social networks!


BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was indeed the first amongst the social networks way before we had a sorry upstart like whatsapp messenger. Mated to BlackBerry and BIS, BBM drove the users to exchange PINs and connect with people across geographies in real time. As smartphones proliferated, whatsapp came into prominence due to its reliance on phone numbers as the identity verification.

Phone numbers are indeed easier to manage including the reliance on it for identification since it tends to eliminate the need for exchanging PIN’s. However, this has brought about issues never imagined before. As application usage (whatsapp) has proliferated, it has brought its ugly face to the fore. Privacy has been held hostage to application (whatsapp) usage which is barely an SMS replacement.

BBM relies on PIN sharing; two parties must agree to interact with each other. The PIN sharing can be done easily by email, text and by scanning the QR code. This sends the notification to your device and you can then accept the user in the categories listed. The messages delivered have a blue “D” while those that are read have a green “R” suffix in front of them. This ensures that the messages have been seen by both the parties.

If you wish to make groups, you must send the request permission to the user. This ensures that you are aware of the actions thereof. There are have been horror stories of people being put in groups without their permission on whatsapp. This leaves them open to abuses because their phone numbers are tied to the usage. Your phone number, once out in the open to unknown groups would make the stalkers and lurkers monitor your whatsapp profiles just by adding your number. BBM, operates on total trust model. It makes, you the user, in total control of whom you wish to interact.

BBM Channels is indeed the icing on the cake. While there are minor niggling issues related to comments on the thread (they are not nested), the channel owner has complete freedom to restrict users from geographies to see your content and/or subscribe. You can pre-approve comments, if you need or remove that option completely. There are multiple administrators to eliminate the hassle of time zones, as we do for our UTB channel. There are millions of channels to suit your interests and it has indeed set up a thriving ecosystem. You can have completely private channels that cannot be indexed by search or by strict invite only.

In addition, your contact activity can be easily seen through feeds.

I have subscribed to the option of having a personal PIN and privacy/control that gives me the ability to retract/ edit or open up personal private chats that leaves absolutely no trace of activity (by being backed up). This indeed is the coolest feature of BBM and needs to be highlighted. For a small subscription fee, it’s totally worth it; cheaper than your coffee fix.

There are numerous instances wherein BBM Channels are being used for commerce; highlighting the products with a link to the main website, getting a targeted metadata about your users and subscribers and having an idea on what clicks with your target audiences.

BBM is cross platform, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and a host of mushrooming social networking sites, BBM is dependable, safe, secure and private social network. Indeed, its the king out there!


BlackBerry Forever!

  • ivantwilliams

    Some valid points. However, I wish BlackBerry or BBM didn’t reduce the features available when using it on Android and iOS.

    Maybe things will change in time to come…

  • veeru789

    spot on. Whatsapp is a pain. i regularly get lot of spam from international numbers, sometimes adding me to random groups. of course i can block them, but they keep poping up with new numbers everytime. A part from the privacy issues, i find the functionality of whatscrapp lagging as well; need to save photos to view them, groups is a joke, and no private chat, retracting message, timed messages, etc. only advantage of whatscrapp groups is ability to share videos. other than that, its pretty useless. if only i could delete it.

  • bambinoitaliano

    I find the call quality on BBM over wifi is better than the actual call. This is true for overseas call as well as cross platform from BlackBerry to IOS.

  • jroque8888

    BBM the best. Ignorants the ones that believe that whatsapp was before any other messenger.
    Same like androids or iphones BlackBerry should advertise that BBM is available on the main platforms

  • fishlove73

    BBM is the only messenger I trust. I can’t trust a company like whatsapp just for the fact that they are owned by facebook now. I’m totally happy with the 1 dollar I spend per month for the privacy and control features on BBM.

  • Alan

    BBM is definitely cool and my favourite social network. Love the call quality, and stickers are fun. Would like BlackBerry to make invites easier. Always a hassle for me to add someone on iPhone or Android. What’s up with that?! Otherwise love BBM, and use it daily.

  • bartron

    I’m willing to bet that the SMS SPAM that I’ve been getting these past few years is a result of WhatsApp. That app should be classified as a virus.

    • Martin

      locco_smiley_15 It most certainly should!

  • Jope28

    BBM really is great.

    Would be great to see screen-shots of how BBM has evolved since it first began.

    How about you make this BlackBerry fan smile and make that happen?

  • Alan

    LOL bartron, I’m surprised you even have WhatsApp on your phone. Had it on mine about two years ago, for about one day. That was enough for me.

    • bartron

      Oh, I’ve never installed Whatsapp on any of my devices. I’ve never even opened an account. And that’s my point. I’ve never installed Whatsapp on any device nor opened an account, and yet I’m getting SMS SPAM which I believe was indirectly caused by Whatsapp and their data mining/selling.

  • Alan

    OH, sorry for the misunderstanding bartron. Good to hear. getting SMS SPAM which you believe was indirectly caused by WhatsApp is serious shit. Quite frankly, I’m surprised some of these companies get away with it and then I probably shouldn’t be. This is partly why BB10 is more important than EVER! Make more BB10 goodness BlackBerry, beyond just software related, and Thank YOU in advance. :)

  • ChuckRoc

    I freaking love BBM and wish more people used it. The thing I like most is that it’s completely private. Only my contacts — who are my contacts through mutual agreement — can see my status or message me. If someone gets on my bad side I can block them completely. I can spout off about politics or whatever and not worry that I’ve offended some boss.

    I also love the smoothness of it and the delivered and read receipts. The voice and video chat is the best in the business too. It’s an excellent app.