BlackBerry: the logical choice for Security and Privacy 

There is a very good reason so many companies rely on BlackBerry for their Enterprise Device Management – it is, quite simply, the most secure.

BlackBerry’s security experience and expertise is unmatched, as are its software solutions. BlackBerry’s commitment to the security and privacy is one of the cornerstones of the company’s continued success.

The Cloud

More and more of us rely on cloud-based storage to protect huge volumes of data on our collective behalf, from our photos, videos and documents to email, social media accounts and financial information. How many of us ever stop and consider how effective the protection of that information truly is, until the inevitable happens and this time your service provider is hacked and your information is stolen?

Not just secure – BlackBerry Secure!

We all know BlackBerry has, over the course of the last year, grown from being primarily a device-based business to one focusing on software. That software allows business users to both communicate and collaborate privately. The data passes through BlackBerry-owned data servers, but is not archived on them.

In addition to secure communication and collaboration, there is another thing BlackBerry offers – control.

BlackBerry’s software tools allow users to control the privacy of their information, by attaching the security to the document rather than the device. This means that information will remain secure, even if shared across untrusted networks.

One example of this is BlackBerry Workspaces – it permits security control regardless of which cloud service (Office365, DropBox, etc) the company uses.

Another example is encrypted email – which ensures only the intended recipient can decrypt and read private messages – something BlackBerry has been offering its business customers for more than two decades, yet no major cloud-based email provider can boast.

BBM Enterprise

BBM Enterprise is arguably the centrepiece of BlackBerry’s secure communication, offering end-to-end encryption (the keys for which are generated by the users) ensuring that no-one other than the intended recipient can read the messages – not even BlackBerry!

The security protocols and design that BlackBerry have incorporated into BBM Enterprise have been inspected by numerous independent experts. In fact, if there is a security certification program BlackBerry will put its products through the certification process to double-check their processes, including encryption. BlackBerry’s suite of products has received over 80 security certifications – more than any other company.

An Ongoing Commitment

BlackBerry believes in privacy as a basic human right – that’s why no BlackBerry product contains a “back door” of any kind, and it’s also why BlackBerry does not allow access to its servers. We only need to look at how the company dealt with the demands of the Government of Pakistan last year to see BlackBerry’s ongoing commitment to this belief (the short version is that BlackBerry refused access and threatened to withdraw from the country entirely. The Pakistan government withdrew it’s request).

It’s clear that BlackBerry is aware of the growing threat to users’ privacy, and is committed both to freedom of expression and to the use of strong encryption as a means of securing that freedom. That commitment also includes the growing field of the Internet of Things, including automated vehicles and wireless medical devices.

As a final word on the subject, BlackBerry’s Chief Security Officer, David Kleidermacher wrote on the company’s Inside BlackBerry blog:

Unlike many other firms in Silicon Valley, we have never – nor will we ever – monetize or traffic in our customers’ personal information.

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