BlackBerry Leather Smart Flip Case For Priv. It’s Excellent!


A long time ago (when the earth was green) I would use nothing but a belt clip style pouch for my BlackBerry. Always!

Things change though and for the last two years it’s been all about cases for me. My last pouch was on my Z30, but after a few months I switched to the BlackBerry Flip Case that replaces the back of the phone. Since switching I’ve never looked back.


My Passport has the Stilgut case on it and I love that one too. I opted out of buying the BlackBerry unit for it as it had the sticky back adhesive, and the cover didn’t close well.

Enter the Leather Smart Flip Case for the Priv. Unlike its predecessor, this flip case is a clip in style, and it works really well. You might think it would be difficult to clip onto a device with a slider screen, but you’d be wrong. The fit is snug, just as you would want.


As you can see, the controls are easily accessible at any time for volume up/down and mute.


But Dave (I know you’re saying it), what about the power button? Well the leather hinge is wonderfully supple, has the indicator to where the button is and allows you to easily press that button from the outside… which I have no idea why you’d want to. Anyway you can, and if you do you can see the reboot message when you open the case up. Ahem.


The back of the case is rigid plastic covered with that nice leather. The 18mp Schneider Kreuznach camera is happily nestled in its opening along with the dual leds. No fear of scratching the lens for me. And on that subject I don’t find the case gets in the way of taking pictures either. As a matter of fact I like to take pictures in landscape mode with the keyboard exposed so that I can use the space key as the shutter, and the case lid helps me grip without getting in the way of the screen.

Oh, and NFC payments work fine with the case on!


Obviously the front has a window which lets you see the time, date, and all the services running along with battery level. On top of that if you have notifications they will appear in the window as well. If you touch on one of those notifications and swipe up in the small opening you’ll see who the email is from and the subject as an example, along with a snippet of the email body. If you then tap on the email you will be prompted to open the case to view it in its entirety. Also double tapping in that opening wakes the screen just as if the case were open.


Overall I really like this case. The leather feels great, the case is sturdy, and I have little concern about it protecting the Priv in a fall. It has the cut-out for the earpiece for crystal clear calls. It has the magnet for putting the device to sleep when you close the cover, and it has the iconic lensed hole for the notification LED.

All around a great buy. No regrets!

What’s your favourite case type? Let’s hear it!

Dave out.


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