BlackBerry Leap, Two Months In



I’m amazed with the BlackBerry Leap, it’s become my daily driver. Yes, I do use my Classic occasionally because sometimes I just have to have the physical keyboard. I also use my Z30. The Leap is just the most comfortable for me.

I really wonder why more people don’t buy this device, it’s not expensive. It’s actually very affordable when you consider that it’s 1/3 the price of an iPhone and much more dependable. Sure, if you compare it to the new Samsung it will look under-specced, but I can’t tell. Perhaps because I’m not a gamer. I do use several Android apps without issue and the web browser is good as they get.

I’ve had several compliments on the phone and people asking what it is (they’re always surprised when I tell them it’s a BlackBerry). The camera is very good. It takes an SD card if you want. I’m also writing this post on it with no difficulty whatsoever.

I’m hoping that people will read this and go out and at least try one, don’t most places let you bring it back within 30 days if you don’t like it?

Though I’m quite confident you won’t

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  • Wayno

    I was given a Leap last month but it has a cracked screen. Will look at ordering a replacement screen if I can get one cheap enough.

  • alan510

    A great recommendation. I think I might take you up on the suggestion. Can’t afford the Priv right now but I wouldn’t mind having a touch screen backup to my Passport. The Leap sounds like a good fit.

  • veeru789

    Definitely a good phone that I would buy.

  • logicspark

    Would it be worth having as a Z10 replacement? My Z has been swiped by the missus and even a nice new Sammy won’t persuade her to let go.

    • nnik

      It’s above and beyond a Z10, just as comfortable in the hands, has a larger screen, faster and battery life comparable to the Z30

  • Fayzul

    For me the Leap is so good it actually replaced my trusty Passport as my daily driver…

    My Passport now used mostly as a tablet…

  • Anthony

    The Leap is nice.

    BlackBerry could stuff it with killer specs and satisfy people upgrading from Z10 and Z30 devices. locco_smiley_10

  • Martin

    My wife just recently received a BlackBerry Leap courtesy of her ‘awesome’ husband,
    she loves it, the grippy texture and feel, the crisp bright LCD screen, and the size is just right.

    The Leap is a terrific phone at a great price!

  • Brianch

    Hey there nice review about the phone. I’m living in Denmark Europe and I ha the BlackBerry bold 9900 and it kinda sucked but I gave BlackBerry Passport more chance so so bought a classic a I really love this phone s my question is t leap in anyway an upgrade to what I have in the classic other then 100 percent tuch

    • nnik

      No, not an upgrade to Classic…Classic has a couple of things Leap doesn’t. Such as NFC and USB on the go

  • Brianch

    So it’s actually a downgrade I guess

  • Brianch

    Now I looked at a review of the z30 an the leap now I don’t know witch one to buy or witch is the fastest ;0/ and is the classic better then both of them