BlackBerry Leap, Two Months In



I’m amazed with the BlackBerry Leap, it’s become my daily driver. Yes, I do use my Classic occasionally because sometimes I just have to have the physical keyboard. I also use my Z30. The Leap is just the most comfortable for me.

I really wonder why more people don’t buy this device, it’s not expensive. It’s actually very affordable when you consider that it’s 1/3 the price of an iPhone and much more dependable. Sure, if you compare it to the new Samsung it will look under-specced, but I can’t tell. Perhaps because I’m not a gamer. I do use several Android apps without issue and the web browser is good as they get.

I’ve had several compliments on the phone and people asking what it is (they’re always surprised when I tell them it’s a BlackBerry). The camera is very good. It takes an SD card if you want. I’m also writing this post on it with no difficulty whatsoever.

I’m hoping that people will read this and go out and at least try one, don’t most places let you bring it back within 30 days if you don’t like it?

Though I’m quite confident you won’t

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