BlackBerry leads the CHACE for Security and IoT Innovation

BlackBerry Headquarters, Waterloo

Yesterday, BlackBerry announced the launch of a new initiative – the Center for High Assurance Computer Excellence – with the intention to expand its R&D (Research and Development) efforts in order to drive both innovation and improvement in computer security across the globe.

The main focus of CHACE will be to develop an alternative to the “fail-then-patch” security methods employed currently by the industry, by creating tools and techniques that offer a more proactive approach combined with a far higher level of security than currently provided.

The Centre for High Assurance Computer Excellence will extend BlackBerry’s already state-of-the-art competencies in the prevention of vulnerabilities, as well as enable the application of high assurance security research to real-world products and services.

“There’s a belief that the key to the world’s security issues is to patch faster, but this hamster wheel fails to address the root issue,” said David Kleidermacher, Chief Security Officer, BlackBerry. “Systems that require regular patching always contain vulnerabilities unknown to developers, and some of these vulnerabilities are in fact known by would-be attackers. It’s clear we must build systems that are provably devoid of security flaws. The software and security engineering required to meet this objective is sadly rare today and must become commonplace. CHACE is BlackBerry’s initiative towards this goal, and we welcome all who wish to join the fight.”

A number of organisations and institutions have already pledged support for CHACE including the Diabetes Technology Center, California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo’s Cybersecurity Center, the Computing Verification Laboratory (VLab) at the University of California and the University of Waterloo. If your organisation would like to join CHACE, you can find out more at

If you would like to read the official CHACE press release, it can be found here.

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