BlackBerry Launcher and DTEK Receive App Updates

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**Update: Notable was also updated, and appeared for me after this post was written. Changelog for Notable is also”Minor enhancements and stability fixes”. Let us know if you see anything new.**

Keep moving is more than just a slogan for BlackBerry. Today, two more of their Android apps receive updates. This time, it’s the BlackBerry Launcher and DTEK.

The BlackBerry Launcher, according to the change log receives the dreaded “minor enhancements and stability fixes”. Dreaded because we don’t really know what that means. If you have noticed something new, let us know. After all, it took us entirely too long to find the BBM Desktop inclusion in the latest BBM Beta.

DTEK’s changelog is much more interesting,

  • Divided event tracking into background and foreground events
  • Separate notifications for background and foreground events
  • UX improvements & bug fixes

Well this is a welcome addition. And very eye opening. In the following image, I included an app I have on my phone. If you’re not familiar with Redbox, it’s a video rental vending machine. If I wish to rent a video, I’ll open the app, choose a video I wish to rent, and let the app find a copy close to me. I can order the video, then it’s just a matter of heading off to that location, swiping my card, and receiving my Blue Ray or DVD. Simple stuff right?

Of course, because of the nature of the app, I expect it to be looking at my location. That is a convenience feature of the app. I want to know where to pick up my video. And looking at DTEK, I may not think twice about the fact that the app is looking at my location. Of course, this may be a bad example, because I know that I have not rented that many videos, although the app may check location multiple times each time I’m shopping. Who knows? I obviously didn’t.

Now, with the newest update of DTEK, I can see that the app checked my location 36 times while the app was on. I have no problem with that. Perhaps excessive, but expected. The app also checked my location 599 times while in the background. There is simply no reason for this, and to be honest, it leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable. Needless to say, location permissions have now been turned off for that app. I’ll turn them back on the next time there’s a video I wish to rent, but I’ll surely remember to turn them back off, and if I forget, DTEK will notify of the overuse of the granted permission.

DTEK is an often overlooked app as people are comparing BlackBerry devices to other brands, and I wish this wasn’t the case. In a time when security and privacy are becoming a more common discussion, BlackBerry has given us the tools to manager our own privacy, and it just keeps getting better.


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