BlackBerry Lands Aegon Sony Life Insurance as UEM Customer

Aegon and Sony you say? Why yes!

The Aegon/Sony partnership started in 2009, and their desire is to become tops in life insurance for all people in Japan! It seems like a lofty proposition, but with BlackBerry UEM on their side I’d say they were in good company.

Why choose BlackBerry?

Four years ago (2014) the company started to roll out mobility for its employees by way of desktop virtualization, along with mobile apps. That strategy paid off, but as time went by it was obvious that the insurance company needed more. Aegon/Sony needed a single cohesive endpoint management system with security at its very heart. The choice was obvious, and BlackBerry UEM was the winning bid.

An insurance company absolutely must be mindful of your privacy. The information provided by a customer to that insurance company therefore must be held in the strictest of confidence. It is BlackBerry UEM that provides this confidence and security.

Now… you may recall back in 2014 that Sony itself was hacked. Numerous emails and information concerning as yet unreleased films were made public. It was very embarrassing at the time, and Sony found themselves abandoning their own mobile handsets and re- implementing their BlackBerrys as a result.

I’d like to think that there was a lesson learned, and the lesson is that you should stick with what works best. BlackBerry UEM fits that description.

Nicely done Aegon Sony Life Insurance!

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