BlackBerry KeyOne: The thunder is back!


BlackBerry Priv, DTEK50 and 60. The three wonderful devices (though Priv is closer to my heart) and brilliantly executed plan. The rebranded TCL phones managed to get one thing right though- the security. Android was secured the way it has never been done (provided you have other projects with minimal market share).

However, the point here is what we had reiterated earlier. BlackBerry has effectively turned into a “design house” for devices and KeyOne is the first device designed by BlackBerry but manufactured by TCL (excluding Indonesia). India is on the radar via their Optiemus tie up.

KeyOne isn’t the first device with a keyboard in the Android space (which is populated by cheap hardware/ slabs of varying hues) but it is arguably one of the most innovative and evolutionary in keyboard designs. I still own, use and swear by BlackBerry Passport, which to me, remains the pinnacle of device design. Passport has been trumped by KeyOne and I am glad it’s another BlackBerry! Right at the core, at the heart and soul of it!

My submission is the innovative fingerprint unlock which is included in spacebar. The entire keyboard can be used to swipe through the different screens and each one of the keys can be designated a shortcut. This is likely to make typing a more breezier affair. For those who use SwiftKey, this is going to be a revelation. BlackBerry enhances the experience by it’s own layer of intelligence.

As usual, I see the normal offerings but what’s important is that Hub works exactly as advertised. Both personal and corporate emails work out of the box without additional “apps”. Contacts has built in CardDav sync but those who don’t care about their privacy will find their ground covered using Google’s services. I prefer to load up NetGaurd (a firewall) which blocks all connections to Google’s servers.

Read excellent review by Erica!

You can have the split screen view. the battery life is excellent thanks to the boost mode and finally, your back is covered because of regular security updates (May update has just been rolled out).

KeyOne is expected to be launched in India as well (stay tuned for the detailed review as well!)

The thunder is back!!


BlackBerry Forever!

  • James h Jackson jr

    This thing will outsell iphone and samsung combined long live TCL and BlackBerry

  • Its a great device. I don’t see it replacing my Priv, but I love the styling of it and the keyboard features.

  • leverspro

    How will it ‘enhance’ Swiftkey?

  • zensen

    “BlackBerry has effectively turned into a “design house”

    We’ll see.. this was the last in-house design I thought. BlackBerry will work in collaboration with manufacturers with their software, it’s just that BlackBerry had the “mercury” in the pipeline.

    I’m all for seeing similar design aspects showing up in future iterations.

    Not sure what else to get out of this article except reiterating what’s been said before?