BlackBerry KEYone: Rounding it up

We are all excited for BlackBerry KEYone. A 4.5 inch beast with capacitive keyboard with an embedded finger print scanner- wow! Who could have imagined this?

As the smartphone manufacturers are getting tired of “innovation” with every release, they haven’t been able to go beyond the familiar slab- it’s only the familiar screen or internals getting a boost. Apple removed the headphone jack and sold millions of new iPhone 7 devices.

BlackBerry rules the niche. And that’s why with the new snapdragon 625 on board, it’s going to be true value for money. (Here’s my previous post on dissecting the hardware).

While I love the amazing soft keyboard, it’s the hardware that gives me goose pimples, still. I use my BlackBerry Passport occasionally and I love the play of my fingers over it. It’s a stellar experience (my Passport stays updated with all emails for backup).

KeyOne has already won the mobile world congress awards; it has been confirmed for Telus, confirmed for South Korea and there has been a fair bit of discussion on buying this device with BlackBerry loyalists waiting with their wallets wide open to welcome the new device in their palms.

The excitement is building up for May; it’s been up for pr-orders as well!

Go for it!



BlackBerry Forever!

  • You’re really making me want one of these! My Priv is performing admirably, but I wouldn’t mind having a second BlackDroid device. Looking forward to seeing how Verizon treats it.