BlackBerry KEYone is Heading to TELUS

TELUS announces they’ll be carrying the BlackBery KEYone. Who will be next?

Since we’ve seen the new BlackBerry KEYone introduced at Mobile World Congress, there has been an ongoing question. Will the carriers carry it? And if so, who?

It’s a very valid question. After all, throughout the models of BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry fans were disappointed all over the world as some models were carried by their carriers, while other’s were not. It seemed like things were finally looking up when the BlackBerry Classic was released, and most carriers picked it up.

With the latest DTEK50 and 60, it seemed the plan was different. This time BlackBerry chose to take the direct sales route. A good idea for BlackBerry who wanted to be able to push out updates without carriers holding them back. Yet not so great for users who wish to take advantage of carriers payment plans.

Now it’s a whole new world. With BlackBerry Mobile powered by TCL, will carriers be carrying the phones? Who will? Well the first to announce that they will be carrying the KEYone was TELUS who took to Twitter.

Who’s next? Will we see American carriers this time around? Please?


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  • Wayno

    This is great news!! I believe in the next few weeks we will see a flurry of carriers jump on board all around the world. Could this be the beginning of the BlackBerry mobile comeback? I surely think so. With TCL pushing this device I believe great things are yet to come. The mobile industry needs a good shake up, and who better than BlackBerry Mobile to do that

  • Roy shpitalnik

    Good news

  • anthogag

    I hope their KEYone (pie) display is not next to the Samsung display. I can’t demo a KEYone (pie) worried the Samsung display could blow at any moment.

  • Dave Matthews
  • leverspro

    Shocked and amazed! Question: if the keyone is bought from Telus does one forfeit the updates direct from BlackBerry? Telus does not send out updates in my experience. Thanks,

    • Dave Matthews

      My Priv, and all before it always got prompt attention from Telus. No complaints here!