UPDATE: BlackBerry KEYone CDMA Version is NOW AVAILABLE!


Verizon and Sprint customer’s have been left out. Because these carriers have chosen to stick with CDMA networks as opposed to moving forward onto GSM, and because the latest BlackBerry phones haven’t been available in a CDMA version, many users have been left frustrated.

That all ends soon. BlackBerry Mobile has just sent out an email informing users that a CDMA variant is on it’s way. The phone, optimized for the Verizon network will soon be available unlocked to Best Buy stores.

BlackBerry Mobile taking this route leaves me assuming that we won’t see the BlackBerry KEYone offered through Verizon. We know that in the initial press releases Sprint was specifically named to be carrying the phone in the future. Now, seeing that BlackBerry Mobile is announcing the arrival of the KEYone aimed specifically at Verizon users through Best Buy leaves little doubt that Verizon won’t be carrying the phone. And I think that will prove to be a mistake for Verizon.

We can already see the amount of interest surrounding the KEYone. In fact, I don’t think we’ve seen this level of interest in a BlackBerry phone since the Bold 9900. Consistently receiving great reviews from reviewers that have in the past been rather unpleasant in their BlackBerry reviews, I think the KEYone will be the success story every BlackBerry fan has been hoping for. Have no doubt, that Verizon users that are interested in the phone will hurry to pick one up as soon as they become available, only in this case, Verizon won’t be receiving any revenue from the sale of the phone.

Let’s hope that the CDMA version experiences the same rush to buy as the GSM version did. And let’s hope that American carriers see the error of their ways by the time the next BlackBerry device hits the market.


UPDATE: The CDMA variant of the BlackBerry KEYone for Verizon Wireless customers is available NOW at Best Buy!


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