BlackBerry KEYone AT&T Space Black Edition Unboxing

The BlackBerry KEYone has to be the most amazing phone I’ve used. Larger than the classic BlackBerry, yet fits just as comfortably in the hand. The physical BlackBerry keyboard I love with a screen that does not leave me wanting. The styling cues that made the BlackBerry Passport SE so striking, with access to any app you may ever want. And the BlackBerry software suite that makes Android both productive and secure. I’ve fallen in tech geek love with my BlackBerry KEYone, and I didn’t think there would be another device out there that could get me to avert my gaze.

And then BlackBerry Mobile sent me the AT&T Space Black Edition. It’s amazing what a difference something as simple as the color can make. If the original KEYone was a sports car, the blacked out style would be the customized hot rod version.

The AT&T Space Black Edition is the equivalent of the original KEYone with the exception of the color. For anyone that doesn’t already have the specifications memorized, the phone comes with a 4.5″ display, a 12MP main camera housing a Sony IMX378 sensor and an 8MP wide-angle selfie cam with flash. The device comes running Android Nougat out of the box alongside BlackBerry’s suite of software offering the best experience in productivity and world class security. A physical keyboard that is touch capacitive and has numerous tricks up it’s sleeve including flick typing, user defined keyboard shortcuts, and a more accurate typing experience that actually takes up less space than a typical virtual keyboard, meaning that you will actually have more viewable screen than most phones during most your smartphone activities. And don’t worry about running out of space or power. The phone comes with an SD slot that will accept cards up to 2TB in size, and a battery that can carry you through more than a day of heavy use.

The BlackBerry KEYone is simply the best. The question is, is the KEYone dressed in black better than the best? Let us know your preference in the comments before.


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