BlackBerry KEYone Arriving at Clove UK May 5th

The amazing BlackBerry KEYone arrives in the UK in May

Clove Technology has announced that the BlackBerry KEYone will start being available to customers May 5th. The device will carry a price tag of £415.83
(£499.00 including vat). The phone will be available SIM free and factory unlocked.

Surprisingly, this is one of the best written product detail pages I believe I have ever read.

The overview reads as, “The KEYone is the BlackBerry smartphone that many wanted when the original Passport launched. BlackBerry keyboard with Android.

It might be nearly 2 years since the Passport launched and the KEYone is not exactly like it, but very similar.

Unlike most of the all touch smartphones other manufacturers are producing, including BlackBerry with the DTEK50 and 60, the KEYone is designed to target those who need, want and love the physical keyboard.”

On security, “You wouldn’t put money in a bank that didn’t lock its safe. Or leave the doors of your home unlocked at night, would you?

Having a smartphone that doesn’t take your privacy seriously is the equivalent.
BlackBerry ensures that how you share the private details of your life, your location, your pictures, your texts, are your decision.

The DTEK app is your go to control panel to manage your devices security levels and protect against possible threats.

Security is a serious concern for BlackBerry and the KEYone, like the DTEK series before it, will receive monthly security patches and updates. Security isn’t something they tack on, it’s fully integrated into their device hardware and OS.”

Clove offers “fast and reliable shipping worldwide” and you can register to be notified of the phone’s arrival here.


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  • Observation Junkie

    I’m hoping a few of the carriers will have this on display, Vodafone being one of them, and until quite recently was displaying the Priv.

    People need to be able to see it, play around with it, that’s how TCL is going to get new users.

    • Agree OJ

      • Observation Junkie

        Right, where do I blog?

        • You coming back? :D

          • Observation Junkie

            I was never far away, always watched the blogcast on a Saturday morning, with a cup of tea in hand.

            • Don’t have you as a contact anymore….

              • Observation Junkie

                Thanks for the update :)
                But on a positive note, Chen wins executive of the year. That’s another award to put up on the wall in Chen’s office.

  • Observation Junkie

    Carphone Warehouse, the largest non carrier outlet has a register interest page, that should pretty much change to pre-order relatively soon.