BlackBerry KEYone and Android Auto for the Perfect Road Trip

The KEYone has become my constant co-pilot when I hit the road.

One of the things I’ve always loved about my BlackBerry smartphones, is how they are much more than a phone. My BlackBerry is my MP3 player, my file storage, my calendar, my portal to the world wide web, my navigator, and so much more.

Android Auto is no longer confined to the head unit of new automobiles. You can now download the Android Auto application for your Android powered BlackBerry and utilize your phone in much the same way you would an application on your infotainment system.

In my last video, I showed off my new car mount, for my new BlackBerry Mobile KEYone. In this video, I show how that phone and that car mount, coupled with the Android Auto phone app, makes for the perfect co-pilot for any on the road adventures.


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