BlackBerry KEY2 Quick Tip!

It’s time for a Quick Tip!

Those of us that moved to BlackBerry Android from a BlackBerry 10 phone with a physical keyboard have been missing a certain function. Well, not so much missing a function, as having to choose between two different functions. I must admit, that since I have been using BlackBerry Android from the Priv, I haven’t found myself missing the feature. That is until Bigglybobblyboo got his hands on a KEY2.

You see, Biggly had chosen to set his KEYone up differently than I had. While I chose to keep one feature, he chose to keep the other. This decision led him to discovering that for the first time, with the BlackBerry KEY2, we were able to use both features.

Watch the UTB Quick Tip below. Is this a tip you’ll be using? If you have more useful tips such as this, be sure and let us know as well.


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