BlackBerry KEY2 Privacy Tools

I show off BlackBerry’s tools that allow us to be in charge of our own privacy.

Security and privacy are integral to a BlackBerry. BlackBerry’s record on device security is unmatched in the mobile realm. Privacy however, really depends on the user, and the choices which they make. BlackBerry Android has done something which no other phone maker has ever done. In fact, BlackBerry has done something on Android which they never did on previous phones either. They have provided users the tools to monitor their privacy, and enabled us to make an informed decision about what we wish to share. With the BlackBerry KEY2, they have taken it even further.

With a BlackBerry KEY2, you should never have an occasion where you don’t wish to hand your phone over to a friend. You should feel extremely comfortable allowing someone else to make a phone call, or check a website, or even show them photos on your device, knowing that with BlackBerry’s Locker, you have ensured that they have no access to anything which you don’t wish them to.

In my latest KEY2 video, I go over the tools which BlackBerry has provided us on the BlackBerry Mobile KEY2 to be in charge of our own privacy.

privacy tools


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