BlackBerry KEY2 Official Guided Tour.

Boom! Just like that.

By now you’ve probably watched numerous unboxings, first impressions, and review videos of the BlackBerry KEY2. Hopefully you’re watching the videos we’re making here at UTB as well. Now, BlackBerry has released their own official “Guided Tour & Device Walkthrough”.

In the video our host walks us through some of the more exciting new features of the BlackBerry KEY2. From the keyboard’s new Speed Key to the new abilities of the BlackBerry Locker.

BlackBerry Mobile is really moving forward with their promotion of the KEY2. Instead infographic and music laden minute long videos, we now get a host who actually demonstrates what she is talking about. I really prefer this new direction.

Watch the newest BlackBerry Mobile video below. Let us know what you think, and be sure to share the video with any of your friends that may be considering picking up the all new, all great, BlackBerry Mobile KEY2.


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