BlackBerry KEY2 Headed to New Markets

The BlackBerry KEY2 soon to be sold in Hong Kong and Saturn?

Hong Kong

Top BlackBerry Mobile executives attended a launch party in Hong Kong yesterday for the introduction of the Blackberry KEY2. The new BlackBerry KEY2 will be available in Hong Kong and Macau by the end of July.

All carriers and top retailers will carry the new device from BlackBerry Mobile. The price has not been made public yet, but we should know soon.

Do we have any readers from Hong Kong that will be purchasing the new BlackBerry KEY2?

For the Distinctive – BlackBerry KEY2 is coming at the end of the month to 1O1O csl, CMHK, SmarTone, 3 HK and all major retailers in Hong Kong and Macau!

Posted by BlackBerry Mobile on Friday, July 20, 2018


Saturn, one of the largest retailers in Germany and Western Europe will start selling the new BlackBerry Mobile KEY2. The KEY2 version that is available through Saturn is the Black Edition with 128GB and Dual Sim.

If you are not from Germany and want to buy this device you should know beforehand that it comes with the QWERTZ keyboard, which is slightly different from the regular QWERTY keyboard.

The device price is € 699.

Go to Saturn Site.

Das neue BlackBerry KEY2 gibt es ab sofort auch bei Saturn. Jetzt in Schwarz mit 128GB erhältlich.e

Posted by BlackBerry Mobile on Friday, July 20, 2018


Where will the KEY2 be heading next? Let us know if you’re still waiting for the device to break into your market.

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