BlackBerry KEY2 LE: What’s Your Favorite Color?

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE forces a decision.

The BlackBerry KEY2 arrived with two color variants. The KEY2 LE was not going to be outdone. It didn’t stop at two, instead bringing 3 color variants.

The KEY2 LE’s polycarbonate frame can be had in Slate, Champagne, and Atomic. To me, it seems that the Slate version is aimed more for the subdued user who prefers a more basic appearance. Champagne seems directed at those that appreciate a more luxury type look. And the Atomic appears aimed at those that wish to stand out in a crowd. The Atomic version is also the only one of the three that has color matched the frets on the keyboard to the body of the phone.

The question is, what kind of user are you? Do you agree with my assumptions of who these phones are directed at? Choose your favorite color in the poll below. I’m sure we all believe we know what the winner will be. Let’s see if we’re surprised by the results.


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