BlackBerry KEY2 LE – An Icon For All

BlackBerry Mobile has posted their first promotional video for the BlackBerry KEY2 LE.

With the introduction of the BlackBerry KEY2, we were hit with the tagline of “An Icon Reborn”. Now, BlackBerry Mobile is smartly updating the tagline for the BlackBerry KEY2 LE with “An Icon For All” with a new promo-vid.

I love this tagline! I had questioned how this phone would be marketed. After all, everyone always wants bigger and better right? We have seen other phones come with an entry level and a premium level right out of the gate. Optiemus introduced the Evolve and Evolve X together, and I had wished that BlackBerry Mobile had done the same. I was worried that by releasing the lesser phone second, it may just be quickly forgotten. Instead, I think BlackBerry Mobile hit gold with this tagline.

“An Icon For All” hits on two major points for this phone. The obvious first point is cost. Coming in at $399 ($449 for the 64GB version) this phone is affordable! With most popular phones arriving with a $700 price tag, this phone could definitely be “for all”. The version with the extra storage is a full $200 cheaper than the BlackBerry KEY2.

Additionally, this phone comes with choices. The aforementioned choice of on board storage, and the most eye catching choice, the colors! Arriving in the subdued Slate, the elegant Champagne, and the you-can’t-miss-this Atomic, there’s a color for everyone.

The BlackBerry KEY2 brings a choice of silver and black and a choice of 64GB or 128GB on board storage. Now, the BlackBerry KEY2 brings a much more inexpensive device in a choice of three different colors, and a choice of 32GB and 64GB. Now, there truly is “An Icon For All”


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