BlackBerry KEY2 First Impressions

Things I love, something I hate, and things I wish were slightly better.

Yesterday was the day that reviewers were released! After their times with their review devices, it was time which the muzzles were removed, and reviewers were able to give their full reviews of the BlackBerry KEY2. So where was UTB? Well, I had a bit of a dilemma. Honestly, I tried. I sat down, I wrote out a script, I filmed a review video, I even traveled around town taking photos and videos. But after a few issues with an SD card that just refused to work with me, and after attempting to edit what I had filmed, I realized that I was just heading in the wrong direction. You see, I haven’t had the device for that long. I had expected a minor update to the BlackBerry KEYone and thought writing a review with such a short amount of lead time would be extremely easy. But the more I have used the phone, the more I realized that wouldn’t be fair to the KEY2, to our readers, or to myself. I could easily sit here behind my desk and write about all the specs and features from the marketing material. I could easily provide a “wall of text” that was truthful about the newest BlackBerry device, but anyone can go read the literature themselves at this point. You don’t need to read me retyping it. And while that may be the standard format of device reviews, UTB tends to be far from standard.

I want to share my thoughts on the phone. And the more I use the phone, the more thoughts I have. In all honesty, I could talk for a very long time about the BlackBerry KEY2, and I have barely scratched the surface. As I said before, I was expecting a minor update to the BlackBerry KEYone. The KEYone has been a constant companion of mine, and I feel I know it inside and out. What is new? A bigger keyboard? A new key? Well, yes and yes. But that’s not really giving my opinion on these new options. And when you include those items, with the newest versions of BlackBerry software, and Android Oreo? There’s a lot to discover, and a lot to explore.

So I decided to toss my original script and recordings, and I decided to break my “review” down into multiple parts. I decided to sit down in front of my camera and speak about my thoughts on the new BlackBerry KEY2. My plan is to share my discovery of the device, as I discover it. Feature by feature. And my plan is to break my thoughts down into three sections: Things I Love, Things I Hate, and Things I’d Like to See Improved. In the following video, I speak about my first impressions of the KEY2 from seeing the first renders to holding it in my hand, and the very first things that grabbed my attention within the first two days of using the BlackBerry KEY2. One of these features which I immediately fell in love with within the first few minutes of using the phone.

If you were hoping for a “wall of text” mega-review from UTB, I apologize. It won’t be arriving, but I do hope you join me on my BlackBerry KEY2 experience. If you choose to follow along, please be sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube Channel so you never miss an episode.

Let us know what you want to see in upcoming videos in the comments below.

KEY2 First Impressions



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