BlackBerry KEY2: All The Videos!

A collection of early reviews, all in one place!

As soon as the KEY2 was announced, and in some cases, prior to that announcement completion, numerous early review videos popped up. If you’re aching for the newest BlackBerry device, odds are you’ve seen them all, but there’s a chance you may have missed a few, or are waiting for the weekend to catch up.

We decided, we’d try to make things easy for you, and place all the videos that we’ve been viewing in one place. Odds are, we’ve missed a few too, so if you know of a video which we’ve left off the list, please let everyone know in the comments below.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this phone!



GSM Arena


Mr. Mobile





Phone Arena



Matthew Moniz

Pocket Lint

Trusted Reviews

Android Central


And how about some satire with Samtime?




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