BlackBerry keeps train lease company on track

On first impressions, it’s difficult to see how there could be any connection between the businesslike efficiency of BlackBerry and the (slightly less efficient) British railway network.

However, if it weren’t for BlackBerry, British trains would be far fewer in number and much less efficient.

Angel Trains is one of Britain’s leading train leasing companies, providing rolling stock to every train company in the nation. The sheer size of this operation means that Angel Trains needed a way to manage their employee’s mobile devices, no matter where they were across the United Kingdom. Not only that; their staff also needed simple, swift and secure access to company resources through those devices.

Just one of the thousands of items of rolling stock on the UK’s rail network

Up until recently, the company had been using MobileIron, but as their staff required both a greater range of features and support for more variety in supported devices, it became clear that Angel Trains’ current MDM provider couldn’t keep up. That’s where BlackBerry came into the picture.

What was Angel Trains’ solution?

At first, Angel Trains deployed BES10 alongside their MobileIron package, but soon transitioned to BlackBerry UEM. BlackBerry UEM meant that Angel Trains could support their device fleet from a single screen, using an MDM solution that supported their internal Microsoft Exchange server. BlackBerry UEM provided the flexibility and cross-platform compatibility their business required. Another advantage of BlackBerry UEM is its ability to support IoT devices – effectively future-proofing Angel Trains’ MDM provision.

Anthony Albon, Angel Trains’ IT Support Manager said,

“As a company, and within IT, we have a lot of experience with BlackBerry powering our business. Since we were already using BlackBerry, moving to UEM and ditching MobileIron to meet the expanding needs of our users seemed like a natural choice.”

Since transitioning to BlackBerry UEM, Angel Trains has increased efficiency and improved connectivity across the company – and now employees can register devices with the UEM dashboard for themselves, with nothing more an email and a registration code!

BlackBerry UEM Client, running on an Android device

The British railway network is one of the most extensive in the world, with nearly 2 billion travellers and almost a hundred billion tons of freight transported every year. I am a frequent rail user, and can appreciate the vast effort Angel Trains makes in supplying trains across the country to the 30 different rail operating companies. If not for the efficiency provided by Angel Trains’ use of BlackBerry UEM, it’s clear that there would be many more complaints, missing trains, disgruntled passengers and undelivered freight.

In a way, it’s thanks to BlackBerry that the British railway network is as extensive and efficient as it is, and with BlackBerry UEM’s IoT compatibility, that efficiency can only increase.

Jon Hunnings

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