BlackBerry QNX, 5G, Automotive Hypervisor, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Human Machine Interface, Automotive Acoustic Platform 3.0 and BlackBerry Radar are just a few of the dynamics that bring together the vision by John Chen to moving BlackBerry Forward


BlackBerry recently announced it expanded its automotive footprint from 120 million to 150 million cars. Its QNX technology is the driving force behind Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Porsche; Toyota, Volkswagen and now BlackBerry is driven to broadening its horizons within the US capitol Washington DC to expand its presence on the policy developments in Transportation and Technology! BlackBerry wants to be a major player in the connected transportation industry and that is why the automotive legislation is of such important significance. The company is in agreement with trade groups like the New AV coalition Partners for Automated Vehicle Education and the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, and automakers with the safety spectrum behind it in that the FCC should reserve the 5 GHz spectrum technology exclusively for the transportation industry.

Jeff Davis, BlackBerry’s Senior Director for connected transportation said in a release:

“…What’s most important to us is that we create an environment that allows for all technologies to get in there and allows the market to actually pick one. When you look at the way that automobiles are going, and you look at the way that transportation is going in general, you’ve got a real challenge with organizations that aren’t used to dealing with technology writ large as part of their day to day lives. We see a lot of software companies jumping in that don’t necessarily have pedigrees in looking at security and safety and mission critical systems. BlackBerry, with a pedigree that includes systems running in everything from the International Space Station to the Bellagio casino to nuclear power plants, can fill that gap”

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The Global Automotive Hypervisor Market is on the upside from approximately $93 million to an appraisal of up to $ 1 Billion at the respective time industry trend frame for 2026. This incline is constituted to the industry growth of connected vehicles and their interconnectivity with devices such as Mobile phones, Tablets and other peripherals. These vehicles are bound to segmentation within this growing market identifying to factors such as; Types; 1 / 2,  Vehicle Type; Passenger, Light commercial, Heavy commercial. In End-User category; of Economy, Mid-range & luxury vehicles. The Level of Automation; Semi-Autonomous and Autonomous. All these segments are truly bounded within geographical reference to one another. The Market contenders for the Automotive Hypervisor Market are; BlackBerry, Baidu, Continental AG, Electronics Corporation, Green Hills Software, Harman International, Infineon Technologies AG, Luxoft, Mentor, NXP Semiconductors, Renesas, Sasken Technologies Ltd, Sysco AG, Visteon Corporation, Wind River Systems Inc.

What is a Hypervisor & what drives it?

A Hypervisor may be ascribed as a hardware virtualization practice that allows multiple guest Operating systems to basically route in a single host system at the same time. The “Guest OS” shares with the hardware of the host mainframe, such that each OS appears to have its own Processing unit, Memory and Resources. This technical application is also known as a Virtual Machine Manager and is believed to be the contributing factor behind the speedily growth of Autonomous Driving Integration.

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence are the main driving forces in the BlackBerry / Jaguar Land Rover collaboration as have recently been announced. BlackBerry will bring their QNX Operating System and Cylance AI technology to the future of Jaguar Land Rover vehicle designs. Cyber-Vehicle-Safety is a key fundamental in future projects and it makes sense for a company like BlackBerry to bring their suite of protective software to autonomous vehicles for the 21st century. According to BlackBerry CEO John Chen the company is pleased to be Jaguar Land Rover’s chosen partner for safety-certified technology, as BlackBerry’s advance Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies are going to transform automotive safety of the future. This is an opportunity for Blackberry to broaden its Cylance’s proficiency in conjunction with the QNX portfolio to expand cyber vehicle security to millions in the transportation industry by communicating safely in a security credential management design. At present the integrations are well received with very, very positive responses according to Chen.

Jaguar Land Rover CEO, Ralf Dieter Speth said in a statement:

“…Jaguar Land Rover and BlackBerry share a common objective in bringing the most intelligent vehicles to reality. I am delighted that our partnership with BlackBerry continues to go from strength-to-strength, a company whose technology innovations uniquely address the expanding safety needs of the automotive industry”

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Denso Harmony Core will be the official term for the co-developed digital cockpit system for Human Machine Interface (HMI) by BlackBerry and Denso (a world leader in automotive components design) It will be launched by Japanese car company Subaru which will integrate this technology in 2020 in their Legacy & Outback vehicle models for the United States market. This new platform will be structured around the BlackBerry QNX Hypervisor Technology.

Senior Vice President at BlackBerry QNX; John Wall said in the statement:

“…Software is the driving force in next-generation automotive design. As cars become more data-driven and automated, they demand functional, secure and trusted in-vehicle software”

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QNX AMP 3.0 is the latest version of BlackBerry’s Automotive Acoustic Platform. With this platform automakers can create their own audio experience that will form part of their future automotive podia. This exercises shorter delivery time and a better production delivery with up to date features and the best audio quality. Modern vehicle processing systems can interact with one another in an unprecedented way with a lot of distortions, interactive wise. BlackBerry QNX AMP 3.0 is offering a unified approach to the managing of infotainment in being flawless in the integration system. Alerts & Chimes have been incorporated to notify of an impending danger or vehicle state incorporated within the speaker management system.

According to the Official BlackBerry additional features include:

An advanced set of automated tuning, diagnostic and sound-design tools for microphones and speakers. ● Flexibility to operate on multiple application processor cores such as ARM® Cortex-A and Intel® x86/x64  ● Support for virtualization, providing a seamless integration with Linux and Android guests. ● Audio signal processing for speech recognition, telephony, high-resolution music reproduction, in-cabin speech enhancement, active noise control, sound-design and creation for both in-cabin reproduction and external pedestrian alerts, speaker cross-overs and cabin equalization. ● QNX AMP 3.0 brings together a comprehensive package of automotive acoustic features including: QNX® Acoustics for Voice (QAV) for  high quality handsfree telephony and multi-zone speech recognition experience; QNX® ICC enabling the premier In-Car Communication solution; QNX® Active Sound Design (ASD) for reducing noise and enhancing and sculpting the sound profile of a vehicle – inside and outside the cabin; QNX® Software Audio Management (SAM) delivering a complete loudspeaker management and high-resolution media playback solution; and QNX® Chimes and Safety Alerts (CSA) – a comprehensive chime-generation and proprietary audibility monitoring solution for safety-critical sounds in the cabin.

Grant Courville, BlackBerry QNX VP for Product Management & Strategy had this to note:

“…In response, QNX AMP 3.0 enables automakers to manage car acoustics holistically with a single software solution. Both the development savings and potential bill of materials cost reductions are significant, and will no doubt resonate with automakers.”

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Download the official QNX AMP 3.0 product brief!


BlackBerry recently linked up with Geotab, a world renowned business with specific specializations in the fleet management market. Geotab provide a solution to all types & sizes of businesses for commercial fleet management. This agreement prepared the way for BlackBerry Radar! An Internet of Things asset tracing productivity suite. BlackBerry Radar provide high level management in regard to vehicles Fuel consumption, Engine data collection, Driver productivity, In-vehicle camera systems and Bluetooth asset tracking all-in-one hassle free digital environment. With this in mind, Geotab chose BlackBerry Radar to enhance these specific portfolios in their fleet management. With their patented technology, BlackBerry will offer asset monitoring solution for the holistic status of assets & operating metrics. It provides real-time information around Location, Motion, Mileage, Temperature, Humidity and Cargo status through an intuitive on-line dashboard, with data which is stored securely on a cloud platform to maintain the ultimate user privacy. BlackBerry is renowned for their security innovations, and it’s not difficult to see why an international company like Geotab is collaborating with the best in the security industry. With this agreement BlackBerry aims to expand its market leadership in the enterprise mobility segment.

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BlackBerry is a focused Software & Security company where existing manufacturers approach are significant statements towards BlackBerry’s legacy in the security focused industry. Companies whom chose to focus their attention along with BlackBerry is partnering with the best in the business.

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