BlackBerry Increases Market Share In UK

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Despite being largely unavailable to buy it would seem determined BlackBerrians are keeping the flag flying in the UK.

According to Kantar, BlackBerry market share went up to 1.2% last month, defying just about everyone. How could this happen? Well, The Inquirer is at a complete loss despite the haedline ‘iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry see UK smartphone growth’:

In a weird twist of fate, BlackBerry also saw its share of the market increase, albeit marginally, claiming 1.2 percent of sales in Q2 2015 compared with 1.1 percent the previous year.

Yes, it’s a ‘weird twist of fate’.

BlackBerry are dead, aren’t they?

Well… no. You just might struggle to buy one. Here’s a list of the UK’s main carriers/retailers and their BlackBerry availability:


O2: Classic only
Vodafone: Classic, Passport, Leap
Virgin: NONE


Carphone Warehouse: Classic, Passport, Leap
Amazon UK: Classic, Passport, Leap
Shop BlackBerry: Classic, Passport, Leap

So, as you can see, the carrier support for BlackBerry in the UK is utterly pitiful. Imagine just how many potential customers have walked into/called/visited the websites of those carriers only to be told ‘BlackBerry are dead, here’s the latest Samsung/HTC/iPhone??

Far too many to count.

And I promise you this is better than it was!

So, despite the fact that you have to really search for your BlackBerry in the UK market (as opposed to having the others rammed down your throat) market share has ticked a tiny bit up. Considering the difficulties and hoops customers have to go through, that’s enough cause for celebration for anyone.

Well done UK BlackBerrians on your ‘weird twist of fate’!!

Maybe Carly Page of The Inquirer should try a Passport, Classic or Leap sometime…!


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  • bartron

    That’s awesome !

  • KING_Kia

    Great news.

  • Chaplain_Clancy

    Looks like the Aussies are paralleling the UK. We’re up to 1.2% as well with only Telstra stocking the Classic.

    Geez I’m good.

  • Anthony

    Boo-yah locco_smiley_10

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  • zaberry

    Keep Moving Forward

  • davemorgan

    If you look at the Kantar graphic at the bottom of the Inquirer article, select the UK and move the slider back to September October 2014, so less than a year ago. BlackBerry market share was 0.6% meaning in less than 12mth market share has at least doubled. Which is even more amazing news.

  • newcollector

    Let’s hope that the same trend occurs here in the USA. Doubling of sales would be nice.

  • mrabody

    Increased market share is meaningless – what matters is the actual number of phones sold and whether that is increasing.