BlackBerry in Primetime



You used to see a lot of BlackBerry during an evening of watching TV. A lot more than other devices, now it’s a treat when one appears. Or has been, they are coming back! What’s even better is that we are seeing BlackBerry 10 devices. This totally reinforces the fact that BlackBerry has NOT given them up for Android! Please submit to us screenshots or even a description of where and when you noticed a BlackBerry 10 device on tv. Bonus points for a leap.


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  • Anthony

    Bonus points for a Leap… locco_smiley_36 …Air

  • Brianch

    Well sins it’s the wife that’s dominates the TV thees days I’ve seen in the kardashians sex and the city but I have also noticed alot of TV shows on discovery and national geography where people ar using a BlackBerry device

  • Martin

    The TV series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, the BlackBerry Classic is getting lots of screen time by several of the main characters. Nice to see!


    They seem to pop up in NCIS every now and then. But then why not? There is a big difference between a consumer phone and a professional phone and one would not expect the characters of this series to be using ‘breakable’ toy phones all the time!

  • fahedalderbi

    Yesterday I have seen blackberry in storage war

  • Nayalm

    New series : HUNTERS
    Pilot episode Q10 white.