When one look at the financial exchanges in shares, one might want to know how does a company like BlackBerry, reinvented from a hardware directed business transformed into a Software & Security focussed corporation make an income in a world of ever evolving software modernisation?

Here are some of the recent raises in BlackBerry shares.LPL Financial LLC elevated its position in BlackBerry by 11.4% in the 2nd quarter, according to the Securities & Exchange Commission. They now own 33,307 shares worth $248,000 Intercontinental Wealth Advisors LLC upgraded its position in BlackBerry to a worth of $42,000. Acadian Asset Management LLC attained a new stance in the company valued at $59,000. GSA Capital Partners LLP boosted a new position valued at $102,000. Heathbridge Capital Management Ltd elevated a new share position in the 2nd quarter to a worth of $112,000 and Cutter & CO Brokerage Inc. boasted 2nd quarter share increases worth $141,000.

BlackBerry has in all conviction evolved into a corporation that is spearheading the security detail that institutions like above, find promise. Optimal security within a software innovation framework is not always granted with full extent by companies, but the fundamental aspects of the “New” BlackBerry resonates core Security as the number one dynamic in the industry!

Let us look at some of these core functions that is making BlackBerry a security success…


BlackBerry is deeply rooted in providing security solutions to Governments and major corporations across the globe. Its software solutions provide critical aspects that’s function is to enable endpoints like Smartphones, Computers, Sensor equipment, Autonomous Vehicles and other connected entities to communicate securely with one another and maintain absolute privacy. With this said and the rising need and growing number of endpoints within the realm of Enterprises the following are the main extents that show us the breakdown of BlackBerry revenue.

The key segments are: Enterprise Software, Licensing of IP & other and Technology Solutions.

With the Enterprise Software, which is expected to contribute 44% of the financial year of 2020 BlackBerry’s selling point here are software products included within the BlackBerry Enterprise mobility group. This provide endpoint management and the BlackBerry AtHoc secure communications podium. With Licensing IP & Other which is set to retrieve 32% of 2020 revenues, this segment is accountable for the monetization of BlackBerry’s global patent portfolio as well as the mobile licensing operations, which license the BlackBerry brand and device software to handset dealers. With Technology Solutions which will contribute 22% of the 2020 revenue, this segment will constitute BlackBerry QNX embedded software as well as several developing dealings such as the BlackBerry Radar fleet management resolutions. And lastly BlackBerry’s Handset and Related services which includes the legacy handset of service access remuneration in businesses around the world.

Within this administration extent BlackBerry will compete with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Mobile Iron and VMware based on integration with customer’s IT arrangements, their Security and their Reliability sectors and the overall Pricing thereof. The revenue of BlackBerry will be primarily driven by the Enterprise Software business unit followed by Technology Solutions & Licensing.


BlackBerry is making positive treads into territories that involve Cybersecurity in that it has a very strong reputation regarding data protection. BlackBerry has a robust foothold within the realms of the U.S. Government and 15 other G20 countries. This will further aid the company’s entrenchment as the number choice for global governmental security. BlackBerry Cylance currently is driving the future of Artificial Intelligence and connected devices along with Its vision of an expanding Autonomous vehicle, the company identifies with the forward vision of a Software & Security data protection business. If one take these in account, the future of BlackBerry is made in full strides from a hardware orientated to a now Software & Security corporation. BlackBerry has a long-term commitment to the end user management within the corporate industry that it attends attentively.

BlackBerry has in recent years made their focal point a Software & Security endpoint. With their security strength they want to simplify and protect the future of the Internet of Things. In accordance with John Chen, BlackBerry already has over a half billion endpoints connected and protected across the world. There are also 150 million vehicles currently which has the BlackBerry QNX software as the primary accelerators. The vision of the “New” BlackBerry is to provide ALL aspects of endpoint security elegance, whether that entails the communications aspects, or zero-trust platforms or authentications managements.

“We are now in every piece” Chen noted, but he wants to make sure BlackBerry have the capacity that can manage & secure ALL ENDPOINTS for the Internet of Things of the future. With BlackBerry Cylance which has the ability to perform self-sufficiently both Online as well as Offline, both in Cloud base as well as on-site, this technology makes it very ideal in the attentiveness of the IoT. Governments and future smart cities need this kind of smart technology. With BlackBerry’s Machine learning technology, Cyber-Securing the forcefulness of the future is the number one priority of the “New” BlackBerry.

Cylance is such a key component of our future, we had to acquired it….

…this is just the beginning”

John Chen

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