BlackBerry Hub+ Services Updated

Following on from receiving the May security update this morning, I noticed another update for BlackBerry Hub+ Services. The changelog lists bug fixes only and it takes it to version

So head to the Google Play Store and check if this version is available for you yet. Failing that, it may appear after you receive the May security update.




Long time lover of all things BlackBerry, from the Bold 9000 thru to the Passport and now the Priv. Always dreaming of the next new BlackBerry to add to my collection. Had the rest, now got the best!

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    BlackBerry needs to promote HUB + better especially for Android users . UTB should do a Blog showing the Custom View( Add View ) feature in HUB + .
    Many of my Android users new to the HUB were not aware of Custom views ( Add View ).
    Example in my case I have 4 custom views :
    1) BlackBerry HUB : where I have everything in the HUB like the HUB in BB10
    ( my main go to custom view )
    2) Business View: where I have my business email accounts + BBM + LinkedIn ,
    3) Personal View : where I have my personal emails , BBM , Text ,
    4) Social View :where I have all my social apps eg. Twitter etc….
    So my mornings of course is BlackBerry HUB and Business View , then thru the day I move around my Custom views as required . This makes me productive !
    Quote : ” I live in the HUB and I cannot live without my BlackBerry HUB ” $$$$