BlackBerry Hub+ Services and Launcher Receive Updates

Everyone loves BlackBerry updates!

There are two new updates available now for BlackBerry apps, and we can only assume more will follow. The two apps that hit today are BlackBerry Hub+ Services and the BlackBerry Launcher.

What’s new? The changelog for the Hub+ services show;

• The “BlackBerry Hub+ Services are running in background” notification is now hidden on devices running Android 8.0 or later.
• Minor enhancements and stability fixes

Nothing too exciting there. Let us know if you run across anything new you might see in your daily use.

As for the BlackBerry Launcher, it’s not all background and stability fixes.

• Touch and hold an app icon on your home screen to view app notifications
• Minor enhancements and stability fixes

This is actually a nice little feature. Press and hold an app that is showing a notification, and you can read the notification floating on your screen. Combined with the three dot widget functionality of the Launcher, we are capable of a lot of interaction with our apps without actually loading them, and without cluttering our home screen with widgets. I’m a big fan of the BlackBerry Launcher, and I like seeing it grow in capability.

If you haven’t received your updates yet, head to the Google Play Store now and they should be available to you.

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