BlackBerry How-to: Pin your Screen for privacy

One of the many useful functions hidden away in the Settings of BlackBerry powered by Android devices is the ability to Pin a Screen.

Need to pass your phone to a friend, but don’t want them peeking at your messages, photos or other open apps?

Screen Pinning is the answer!

Screen Pinning allows you to “pin” an app to your device’s screen, which disables the recents (Square) and back (Triangle) buttons, preventing access to any other apps.

To set up Screen Pinning on your PRIV, DTEK or KeyOne, go to Settings > Security > Screen Pinning, and slide the switch to ‘On’.

To “pin” a screen, tap the Recents (Square) button. When Screen Pinning is active, you will see a “thumbtack” icon in the corner of each app window. Simply tap on the thumbtack to “pin” the screen. The selected app will maximise, and the status bar at the top of the screen will disappear.

To unpin a screen, press and hold the Back (Triangle) and Recents (Square) buttons for a second (On KEYone, touch and hold Back). A message will appear informing you the screen is unpinned.

That’s all there is to it! Let us know in the Comments below whether or not you use Screen Pinning, and how you use it!

Source: BlackBerry HelpBlog

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