BlackBerry to Host Webinar for BBM Enterprise 1.2

BBM Enterprise users won’t want to miss this.

BBM Enterprise is getting some nice very nice additions! In order to educate about these additions, BlackBerry is hosting a webinar on October 25th to educate users about the new BBM Enterprise 1.2.

As always, BBM Enterprise provides the best messaging experience for enterprise users. Unlike most other enterprise messengers, BBM Enterprise, like the BBM we all love, is mobile first. Users don’t have to worry about some pared down version of a messenger on their device of choice when away from their computer. BBM Enterprise also offers enhanced security features ensuring messages and data are protected end to end, both in transit, and at rest.

What are the topics for the webinar?

  • BBM Enterprise – Overview
  • BBM Enterprise – MPoP
  • BBM Enterprise for Desktop – Overview
  • BBM Enterprise – Security Enhancements

MPoP is something which enterprise customers should be extremely interested in, and something which I hope eventually finds it’s way to consumer BBM. Multiple Points of Presence allows enterprise users to utilize BBM across multiple devices. Coupled with BBM Enterprise for Desktop, users can be as comfortable behind the desk as in the field.

If you’re a BBM Enterprise customer and are interested in joining in on this opportunity to learn about BBM Enterprise 1.2 click here to register. The webinar shall be hosted by BlackBerry Distinguished Analyst Brian Bernard.


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