BlackBerry Help MiCab in the digital world

The taxi giant from the Philippines uses the BlackBerry to manage all its devices.

The Philippine online taxi company is considered an important name in its country and it operates in several cities at this stage; with the goal being able to expand into the whole country, and of course to other countries in Asia. The company also operates in the supply chain, logistics and in the field of healthcare with special applications.

When all activities are performed through applications, whether MiCab for taxi. MiCargo for logistics or MiHealth for the company’s health application, there is an opening for cyber dangers and this is where the BlackBerry comes into the picture.

MiCab, with the UEM cloud, has about 12,000 tablets, and by the end of the year the number will rise to 15,000 devices that are run by the BlackBerry for the taxi giant.

Read the full case study in BlackBerry Blog.

Roy Shpitalnik

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