BlackBerry and L-Spark are taking their partnership from 2018 one step further. Recently announced they will participate in a second accelerator cohort. This accelerator training collaboration for Start-up Company’s offer free licencing deals and training on the BlackBerry QNX technology platform. This is to provide a foothold towards the groundwork  for the Internet Of Things (IoT), the specifics that form the DNA of Nuclear Power stations, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Robots & Industrial computerization, Life-critical devices in the medical field, battle hardened Defence & Security systems and the Railing control systems to mention a few.  

Grant Courville, VP of product management & strategy at BlackBerry QNX had this to say:

“…We’re doubling down on our partnership with L-SPARK to position Canada’s high potential SMEs as leaders in our competitive technology space”

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L-SPARK is notably referenced as the point of concentration for enterprise Software as a Service and cloud companies to connect with Canada’s (SaaS) professionals in general.

Leo Lax, Executive Managing Director at L-SPARK on the announcement:

“…The first cohort of the BlackBerry/L-SPARK Accelerator was a great success for everyone involved and I am excited to launch this second cohort, and with BlackBerry’s help, exceed our objectives again, while continuing to build a vibrant ecosystem for BlackBerry’s industry leading technologies. The companies in the first cohort have secured multiple engagements with key customers as a result of their participation in this program and at least two of the companies had financing close after being involved in the accelerator”

“…The companies in the first cohort have secured multiple engagements with key customers as a result of their participation in this program.”


What is interesting about the partnership is that the National Research Council of Canada-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) have also acknowledged that it will be extending their influence towards companies that could potentially benefit from engaging with the BlackBerry QNX product platform. Applications for this prestigious event are open until the 21st October 2019.

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Blackberry’s advance as a technology innovator is creating a lot of positive responses & the results are showing!

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