BlackBerry Has Openings For Up To 100 Of The Best And Brightest!


See what I did there?

While everybody else is blabbering on and on about a job cut today, the reality of what is actually happening is just… well… unimportant. Because it’s “headlines”, and “clicks” that matter, right?


So I decided that turnabout is fair play.

You see, I randomly found four different sites all with similar headlines. They are (in no particular order) Rapidmobile, Hamilton Spectator, Bloomberg, and Globe and Mail.

They all talk about a job cut of an unspecified size.

The smartphone maker said Friday the layoffs occurred because it is consolidating its device software, hardware and business applications business.

The consolidation is “impacting a number of employees around the world,” BlackBerry said in a statement. It did not specify the number of people affected or the locations where layoffs have taken place

Well, that’s what happens when you “consolidate, merge, or acquire”, isn’t it?

To be fair, a couple of the articles briefly mention some good news. You know… the “non-clickbait” stuff.

The company’s website lists 90 job openings, including 69 in North America and 31 in Waterloo.

I’m not too good at math but I’m willing to hear somebody explain how 90 is made up of 69 and 31, which is why I chose the title to this blog.

In any case, that’s my point. BlackBerry is HIRING! Yes, you read that right, they have up to 100 job openings RIGHT NOW! BlackBerry is further CHANGING, they are not “circling the drain”, they are PROFITABLE! BlackBerry under our man Chen is working towards and getting closer to the end game of streamlining the handset business, along with creating a profitable software centric offering with MDM, IoT, QNX, BBM, vertical markets and more to compliment the hardware we love.

I don’t know if the layoffs are a bigger number than the new hires, but I don’t care and neither should you dear gentle reader. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is growth overall for BlackBerry, and Chen is kickin’ it.

Need a job? Maybe you fit one of the 100 postings.

Oh… and notice I used a “Confident Chen” picture, unlike “Gloomberg“.  Yeesh…


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