BlackBerry has Heard it’s Users Again!


Many of use have had a chance to look the new BBM update by now and best thing I see out of all the goodies is that once again BlackBerry has listened to it’s users. You can have a look at the announcement here.

People took to social media and made noise about unwanted sticker packs…they now have the ability to hide them, this is better than deletion I think because you may want them in the future.

People also wanted direct contact with contacts without having to go through the process of invites and acceptance. While this is a simple way of providing the extra security and privacy through selection, you may opt for quicker access for a quick message. Again BlackBerry has provided.

What other mobile platform is so diligent in providing for it’s people? Apple is too busy making excuses for screw-ups (or lying about it’s real intentions), Google/Andriod is completely enveloped in data mining and doesn’t seem to care and Windows, well we don’t really know what Windows is doing…and neither do they it would seem.

I know I want to support the platform that will listen to me, but hey…you can make your choice too.



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