BlackBerry has a rough stock ride but ain’t sinking no more’.


Disclosure: I don’t do stocks nor do I own any. In fact I actually am bewildered by the concept of stock market.



Around 14 hours ago at the time of writing this piece came up from Forbes, talking about “Sticking with BlackBerry For the Double”. Here.


The author follows up with a reminder that a prominent investor actually invested in BlackBerry a few months ago, and had earned a lot of money during the spike in recent weeks.

then goes for a part 2 a week after that


The investor here written, is “Mike Koza”.


I wasn’t here in this pro-BlackBerry community (wasn’t the early guy here) when people took notice of prominent investors like Prem Watsa and co buying into BlackBerry shares and all.

In fact, I don’t want to recommend anything about buying or selling. What I want to write, is to invite you to open your eyes, dear fellow readers into another perception vs reality issue.


Perception: BlackBerry should / would / could / be dead by 2008.

Reality: Still opening shop, even as of this time of writing, and have seen no signs at all on ‘closing shop’. Even as one of the heavyweight “industry experts” Gartner actually made a report detailing how BlackBerry would DIE (as in dead in year 2012/2013?), they got it wrong. Dead wrong. I’m calling them a troll, because this guy also did.


Hindsight is 20/20 eh?


Perception: BlackBerry is about to get bought.

Reality: This is speculative, but like how John Chen said it, “talk is not action, we’ve got talks but no bids”.


Perception: BlackBerry can’t make note-worthy phones.

Reality: In case you missed it, there are a lot of third party reviews and RE-REVIEWS of BlackBerry Z30, and the recent leaks about the Passport has generated a lot of buzz from many quarters. More than the entire Z10, Q10, and other first generation BlackBerry 10 devices combined.


Perception: Enterprise is NOTHING, because if you’re the king in consumers = you win.

Reality: it doesn’t mean if you’re a household name, you’re reliable. Or you’ll be famous if you’re reliable. How many people KNEW about QNX before BlackBerry acquired them? How many people knew about IBM in consumer space today? Because what your perceive to be isn’t always the reality.


and in that light, there will and always be investors who will look into BlackBerry solely as in investment, look through all the accounts and know that the company won’t go down.


Just because you crossed the ocean does not make you a master of whats on and in the ocean.