BlackBerry Hacked By Hacking Team – Really N4BB??


Earlier on today our friends over at N4BB reported that the recently hacked themselves Hacking Team (that’s A LOT of hacks) were offering a price of 30,000 Euros for a tool that allowed their customers (who apparently included anyone willing to pay – and they did, handsomely) to hack into a BlackBerry OS device – NOT BB10 by the way.


N4BB gave the spiritually enriching advice that legacy customers on old BlackBerry’s should immediately upgrade to BlackBerry 10. Advice which we agree with wholeheartedly as BlackBerry 10, is, of course, awesome.


This made us reach for our old phones. Skype? Front facing cameras? Were they on BBOS? Well, after a battery pull or two plus a lot of ‘my God, did I really type on this?’ we started to get some answers.

Er… no.

Skype was NEVER available for legacy devices. We know this as in true N4BB fashion we ‘reached out’ to them. And this is what they said:

Skype has not made any announcements about plans to release versions of the Skype app for older BlackBerry OS devices – that includes OS 6 and 7. Skype Lite, upon which we were able to use Skype, was decommissioned in January 2013:

Skype is now available on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 running the 10.1 OS.

Right now we’re also having a raging debate (between battery pulls) about GMail and Outlook too. Perhaps you could help us there.

Leaving our internal arguments to one side one thing is as clear as it has ever been.

30,000 Euros to hack a BlackBerry?

Great money for something that has, to date, NEVER BEEN DONE.

Please, if you are on a BlackBerry 7 (or below) device, feel free to upgrade to BlackBerry 10. You really won’t regret it. But don’t do it because you think you are at risk from hackers.

You’re not.

If you had an iPhone or Android device though…

I’m afraid all bets would be off!


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