BBM Meetings For The Win


There’s a new Fact Check over at Inside BlackBerry, and if you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do. If you’re looking for a short synopsis, I suppose I’ll give you one.

It appears that someone has been downplaying the importance of BBM Meetings. Some are thinking that it’s not on par with clients that have been around longer such as Webex and GoToMeeting. And in his post, Jeff Gadway shows us that no, BBM Meetings are not on the same level, they are in fact, several levels above and beyond.

How so? Let’s look.

  1. BBM Meetings was built for mobile. While the other platforms are desktop solutions, with not so great mobile apps. With an ever increasing mobile work force, who wants to struggle with the mobile side any more?
  2. Probably the most important thing a business looks at when looking at options, cost.
  3. And in true BlackBerry fashion as opposed to our friends over in the Apple orchard, it’s open to everyone. Truly cross platform, BES is not even needed.

BlackBerry Meetings beats the competition both in functionality and cost. And Jeff was good enough to provide us a breakdown.

image via Inside BlackBerry
image via Inside BlackBerry

It also appears some of our iFriends have been comparing BBM Meetings to Facetime. This is of course laughable at best, but Jeff was again kind enough to give us another breakdown comparing the two.

BBM Meetings Apple FaceTime
Supports Android, BlackBerry 10, iPhone iPhone & iPad only
Supports Windows PC and Mac computers Mac computers only
HD Voice & Video Calling up to 25 participants 1 to 1 voice and video calls only
Mobile screen sharing & annotation
Host controls to enable / disable video of other participants or mute noisy lines
Initiate a BBM Meeting from any BBM Chat, or invite participants to join by BBM or Email Initiate from iMessage or Facetime
Schedule BBM Meetings in advance and place on iPhone, Android or BlackBerry 10 calendar Cannot schedule a FaceTime call


So there you have it. Have someone downplaying the importance of BBM Meetings? Now you can educate them. Have you tried BBM Meetings yet? Let us know what you think of them in the comments.


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