BlackBerry Fact Check – FOR THE WIN!!



Over the last couple of years, BlackBerry has been the target of an unrelenting media campaign proclaiming the end of the company.  This had become the norm along with BlackBerry remaining quiet in the background as blogs, tech sites, online magazines and mainstream media feasted.  Unfortunately for these sensationalist traffic hungry sites, John Chen came along.  Recently BlackBerry introduced an initiative to correct the hordes of misinformation called #BBFACTCHECK.

And we have already witnessed the strength of this initiative and that BlackBerry will no longer sit by and be the whipping boy of all these self serving tech blogs.  On July 6, 2014, an article on Seeking Alpha emerged proclaiming that the sale to Volks Wagon included QNX assets and employees.  BlackBerry has refuted this with a fact check you can read here.

To their credit Seeking Alpha has removed the article as you can see here.  This is certainly something the so called fan sites out there can learn from.  We here at UTB have a great deal of respect for Seeking Alpha and have sourced their articles on many occasions.  So this was not written to shed any sort of light on Seeking Alpha but rather to show what an example they have been.   Seeking Alpha did the admirable thing and removed their article when some fan sites who wrote articles proclaiming the BlackBerry Handset Business being for sale, or stating that 2000 more layoffs are coming, did not even admit they were wrong and stuck with their misleading and misinformed articles.

So thank you Seeking Alpha and more importantly thank you #BBFACTCHECK.